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Oxygen Travel Information - Small Oxygen Concentrator

Traveling has become easier with the use of one of our Portable Oxygen Concentrators, but you need to plan ahead. In addition to tips below ,we have facilitated direct links to major transit company regulations.


Travel Tips:
  • Contact your Doctor before traveling to receive clearance.
  • Make sure to take a copy of your Oxygen prescription. (We can provide you with a copy)
  • Call the Travel Carrier to inform them of your needs, and ask about their requirements.
  • Inform your Helthcare Company about your travel plans. This way they can have an Oxygen Company stand by to take care of your needs during your stay.
  • Very important is to know how to use your machine. 
  • Make sure to pack all the batteries and chargers (A/C & D/C).


By Air:

Contact the airline a few weeks before your flight to obtain their policy and make arrangements for any special accommodations. The airline may require a letter from your physician, and a current oxygen prescription. Make sure you have all of these documents before your flight.


Keep your unit fully charged at all times before boarding the plane. Use your DC capability (cigarette lighter) when traveling to and from the airport. Make sure to use an AC outlet while waiting to board the aircraft. This not only allows you to run the machine but it will also charge the battery at the same time. If you need assitance to locate and outlet, ask at the checking counter.

Use pulse dose if possible. If you are able to use a pulse dose setting while sitting or resting, do so! Many of the machines we carry have increased battery duration while using a pulse dose setting over continuous flow.


We recommend that you always have a pulse oxymeter with you when traveling.


When making your traveling plans, let the airline know that you will need priority boarding.


FAA guidelines require that you have enough battery life to power your concentrator for at least 150% of your flight time. (For example, for a 4 hour flight, you would need 6 hours of battery time). Check with your airline for additional battery requirements.

For more information check this link for more detailed information:


Here is a list of some of the major airlines and links with their policies regarding portable oxygen concentrators:


Alaska Airlines
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American Airlines
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Delta Airlines
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Frontier Airlines
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Virgin America
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Air Canada
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West jet
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By Sea:



Contact the cruise line a few weeks before your trip and let them know that you will be traveling with oxygen. Be sure that you understand any specific requirements that they may have. Confirm that the cruise line can acommodate the AC or DC power charging requirements for your unit. The cruise ships do not supply any kind of oxygen and if they do, it would be in emergency situations only.

Here is a list of some of the major cruise lines with links regarding the policies on oxygen:


Carnival Cruises
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Disney Cruise Lines
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Royal Caribbean Cruises
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Princess Cruises
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By Car:



All our portable concetrators come with a DC power supply that plugs into a automobile charger (cigarette lighter). Please ask our sales techinicians or support department for specific information on your unit.

One POC requires that you remove the battery from the unit while operating the device in the car.By leaving the battery in the unit, it can draw too much on the vehicle's battery. This would result in a depleted battery upon arrival at your destination.Contact one of our sales technicians or refer to your manual if you have more questions.

It is not recommended that you leave your unit in a hot car when not in use. Many of the portable oxygen concentrators have sensitive technology that could be damaged by being exposed to intense heat for a prolonged period of time.